There are thousands of different shoe manufacturing companies that target ladies. A cutthroat competition exists in this market, and so only the best manages to win. Jordan Heels manufacturing companies is among the few that have managed to stay on top of the game. No matter the kind of stunts that their competitors try to pull, this company still manages to bounce back and make really huge profits. Don’t get it twisted, the shoes are fairly priced if you ask me, but you need to ensure that you take good care of them in order to get the most utility.



Jordan heels are elegant to say the least. I have decided to use the word “elegant” as there is no other better word in the latest Oxford English dictionary that can best describe the design and features of this shoes. You can tell that someone has a great taste of fashion by just looking at the kind of shoe that they wear, right!

Designer Prints

To add value and beauty to the shoe, the company has come up with ways of incorporating a number of high quality designer prints on the surface. They make the shoes unique and easy to recognize whenever one walks into a shoe store.

Finally, the shoes are ideal for all age groups as long as one has the skills required to walk around in heels.

Jordan heels have a huge market base due to their quality and style. I purchased a pair of them last week and so far I have no complains. Here are some of the reasons why I love these shoes and my experience so far.


Vast Variety

The company that makes them has a strong designer team that is committed and determined to providing the best Jordan heels. To do this they work hard to come up with fresh designers that are not in the market and this has so far helped the company to stand out of the crowd.


Most of the heels I used per purchase were very uncomfortable to wear due to the design. Luckily, Jordan heels have a very design that make them comfortable to wear for long hours. In addition, the heels are quite stable and this make it easy to walk in virtually any surface.


First, I would like to point out that these shoes are not that cheap. But if you consider the number of months that they will serve you, they should as sure as hell be more expensive. That said, you can find discounted Jordan heels online using your internet enabled device.

Finally, the company behind this brand of shoes are very friendly to their customers and always respond to emails in a timely manner. You can chat with the personnel through their online live chat feature on the website.

Let us all agree on one thing for crying out loud, Jordan heels have generate a massive popularity across the globe. So, a friend of mine advised me look for this shoes and place an order as soon as possible. Been the fashion enthusiast I am, I went ahead and looking for reviews online to help me make an informed decisions. As we all know, the internet is nowadays filled with con artists who wait patiently to swindle money from unsuspecting buyers.

Luckily, I have some exceptional online research skills, but do I say, and so separating the chaff from the wheat was a walk in the park. I found an online store that sell this kind of shoes in less than 24hours.


Placing an Order

I contacted the customer care personnel through their customer care support panel on their website and requested for pictures of the shoes on stock. I received them in less than thirty minutes, went ahead and check each of them with a hawk eye for a few minutes before deciding on the type of shoe I wanted to spend my hard earned cash on. I placed the order and it was shipped to me within three weeks.


The shoes were delivered by one of the leading shipping companies in the world. I was given an opportunity to check the shoe to be sure that it is the one I wanted before signing the delivery document. I went an extra mile and tried them out.

Final Verdit

Jordan heels are indeed the best shoes in the market. They are comfortable and blend with a vast array of clothes.

The Jordan heels have taken the market by storm. If you do not believe me, just take a look at the number of companies and affiliate marketers who concentrate on selling and marketing them both offline and online. That said, you need to wear them right to avoid health complications.

Here are some tips to ensure that the Jordan heels do not in anyway affect your personal health and well-being.


Consider your Body Weight

As you walk around wearing heels, your entire body weight exerts pressure on the heel and this can result in pain if you walk this kind of shoes for long periods. Training how to walk with this heels can help you reduce the pain. In addition, you can purchase one that has enough cushioning inside as well as a large base around the heel area.

Make Small Steps

It might sound too obvious to most people, but you will be surprised by the number of people who still try or make large steps with this kind of heels. Doing this just increases the risk of injury, consider making small steps to stay safe.

Keep your Legs Close to Each Other

Make sure that you legs are close to each other as possible so as to maintain balance. More importantly, ensure that the heels touches the ground and gradually divert the pressure to your tiptoe.

Finally, when you get home, walk around the house barefoot to give your ankle enough room to relax and and move freely.

Purchasing a pair of original Jordan heels is one of the best ways of bring your A game when going to a fashion based event. Unlike in the past when it was very difficult to get this kind of shoes, there are hundreds of stores that one can access online and place an order in seconds. In most cases, the store owners liaise with a shipping company to ensure that their customers get the shoes on time.

Let us look at some tips on how to wear this kind of shoes.

Consider the Color of your Pants

If you intend to wear red pants, ensure that the color of your heels compliment them to get that perfect look. This is not as easy as it sounds, as most people are color blind. If you fall in this category, you can request for assistance from your peers or hire a fashion expert if you have the cash.


Consider the Weather

Marketers say that this kind of heels are ideal for all weather conditions. However, this is not true as the material cannot withstand some of the harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow. Based on this fact, it is imperative to consider the outdoor weather conditions or if you are traveling, do your research to know the weather conditions at your destination.

Finally, make sure that the shoes are clean before wearing them. Stains and foul smell will just compromise your overall look as well as reputation.

Cleaning Jordan heels require more skills and expertise. If you are used to cleaning other conventional heels or brands, you need to seek more information to avoid compromising the durability and appearance of the shoes.

Here are cleaning tips that are specific to Jordan Heels.


Don’t Let Mud Accumulate on Top

Mud and dust can easily tamper with the material used to make this type of heels despite the fact that it is of high quality. To avoid this, you should ensure that you wipe the heels more often to avoid this problem. Use a soft cloth to do this as the material can easily be scratched by rough shoe cleaning clothes.

Cleaning Inside the Shoe

Most people forget that the inside sections of the shoe also need to be cleaned. This in turn results in accumulation of dirt that attracts bacteria. The bacteria produce certain compounds that make the heels smell especially after wearing them for long hours. Hence, you need to clean your shoes thoroughly at least once or twice per week, but this is dependent on the number of times that you wear them.

Finally, you need to ensure that you dry the shoes completely before storing them to prevent growth of molds especially on the inside. The cushion-like material does absorb water and so your shoes should be dried in open air for at least three hours. Learning how to take care of your Jordan shoes is one of theguaranteed ways of getting maximum utility from them.

The internet is one of the most effective and reliable marketing platforms that you can use to grow your business to the next level. One of the highlights is that one is able to sell the products across the globe without spending money setting up offices. All you have to do is sign a deal with a shipping company to ship the products to the customers.

I have an online store that sell Jordan heels to customers. Here are some of the strategies that I use to secure sustainability of my business.

Safeguard my Reputation

Most customers do a thorough background research before purchasing a product from a particular online store. I have put in place measures which help me to safeguard my reputation and this helps me to retain and expand my market base. If you do not believe me, check the reviews that customers write on my website and blog after purchasing Jordan heels.



Price can hinder customers from purchasing high quality heel shoes. I know this fact from the business management course that I did in school as well as the experience I have gained running this business. I have a team of accountants and marketers who help me set up prices for my products. They are affordable but in line with most of my target audience financial stability.

Use the above tips to grow your online business. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the customer is always right and come up with ways of retaining your customers.

Jordan heels are loved by thousands of women from all across the globe and this has helped the company to keep on making profits year in year out. Unlike other luxurious shoes in the market, these ones are pretty affordable and easily accessible even in the most war ridden parts of the world. But, it would not be possible to sell this products in such areas without the use of internet. There are hundreds of online stores that ship the products to all continents.

Here are tips on how to get discounted Jordan heels offline and online.

Do your Homework

This basically refers to spending time looking at the various heels offered by different online stores. Most of the geniuses behind this stores have invested in mobile friendly websites, hence, you do not have to use a computer to access the site. Alternatively, you can spend time walking from one store to another if you have the time or use one of the means of transport such as taxis. The latter is quite time consuming, but will give you a clear perspective of the shoes.


Get in Touch with the Manufacturer

One of the guaranteed ways of ensuring that you get quality Jordan heels is by buying them directly from the manufacturer. This is pretty easy as you just have to send the company an email with the specifications of the shoe you want and your address for shipping purposes.

Finally, you can make the necessary plans to shop for this kind of heels around the festive season. Take advantage of discounts to get quality Jordan heels at an affordable price.